*Some of the bibliographic information on this page is from:
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sandy Berman but Were Afraid to Ask. Everything Edited by Chris Dodge and Jan DeSirey
Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1995.





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Aimed at general readers, this editorial is intended not only to make library users "more

cautious and critical" about subject access in library catalogs, but also "upset enough to

...demand...that libraries employ more accurate and easy-to-find terminology."   Also

included is material on getting libraries to "stock more than just 'mainstream,' orthodox,

officially-sanctioned books, periodicals, and AV items."


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"Foreword," in Cal Gough and Ellen Greenblatt, Gay and Lesbian Library Service,

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 Features examples of Berman's action-oriented correspondence, including a letter to

the publisher of  a book promoting "thoroughly disgusting and ultimately harmful

assertions about AIDS and gay men," as well as a petition urging that the Library of

Congress "abandon the subject heading GAYS ...[and] institute a 'see' reference from

GAYS to GAY MEN and LESBIANS," and establish such new descriptors as GAY and




"Foreward," in Ken Wachsberger, Voices from the Underground, Volume 2:  A

Directory of Sources and Resources on the Vietnam Era Underground Press, Mica

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Autobiographical account of how "even in the middle of Africa" the underground press

 "functioned as a context, as a moral and political inspiration, for my own thoughts and




"Foreword," in Randall W. Scott, Comics Librarianship: A Handbook, McFarland,

1990, p. 1-4. Includes case studies in cataloging a graphic novel and a collection of

comic strips, intended "to reinforce ...Scott's contentions: that comics are both worth

 getting and worth treating right"



"The 'Fucking' Truth About Library Catalogs."  Progressive Librarian, Summer 1992

. p. 19-25. 


Material about sex is not easily found in the typical library catalog, says Berman, who

 lists common terms not "sanctified" by the Library of Congress and makes practical

suggestions for enhanced access.



"Hot Stuff: Getting Sex in the Library."  Collection Building, v. 13 no. 1

(1993).  p. 45-47. 


"Why do most librarians experience no particular qualms about stocking Mein Kampf,

but panic at the prospect of buying and circulating pictures of unabashed nudity and

active, unapologetic sex?"  Includes material on libraries' treatment of Madonna's Sex.


"Jackie Urbanovic" (Video).  Hennepin County Library, 1992.   30 minutes.

Berman interviews the Minnesota artist /cartoonist who has contributed

illustrations (including cover graphics) to several editions of Alternative

Library Literature.


"John Yewell, Jan DeSirey, Chris Dodge" (Video).  Hennepin County Library,

1992.   30 minutes.  A discussion between Berman and the co-editors of

Confronting Columbus (McFarland 1992), an anthology of essays related

to the Columbus Quincentennial (a book he suggested).



"Library Workers Do More to Help the Poor and Homeless." Collective Voice

 [Minneapolis], March/April 1992, p. 39.



Guest editor, MLA Newsletter, October 1992.  Includes Berman commentary on

"What the candidates won't be talking about" and proposed national health



Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: What Libraries Say The Do But Frequently Don't
a talk by Sanford Berman, April 17, 1997, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
School of Library and Information Science.