A very brief explanation of what this is:

The zine came about after Chris Dodge asked me to help compile a festschrift zine in Sandy Berman's honor. After everything he'd been through in the past several months, Chris thought he needed something to cheer him up. The idea was that it would presented to him at ALA Annual in New Orleans. This required that all of the contributors keep it secret from him, and they did. It went over really well. Sandy certainly seemed to appreciate it, and everyone else who's read it appears to have as well.

I compiled it by sending out mass emails to various listservs: namely the SRRT Action Council list, the PLG list, the gay-libn list, and the anarchist librarians list. That got me a handful of contributions. (If I remember correctly, Steve, Barbara, Suzanne, Jessamyn, Karen Eliot, and Dorchester Dog Hip were the only ones who sent anything right off. Good for them.) In a panic, I started bombarding people with individual emails asking them - no, begging them - to contribute. Luckily, it all worked out in the end, and this site is proof.

Fun facts about Kiss My Filing Indicators:

Enough babbling for now: on to the zine.

P.S. Address any and all criticisms to katia@dangpow.com. Thanks.

P.P.S. I created a guestbook for this site out of boredom. You can sign it if you like. You don't have to, though.