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Byron Anderson: In my work-a-day world, I am Head of Reference at Northern Illinois University Libraries. In the alternative sphere (a small section of my world), I am a member of AIP, an Associate Editor of Counterpoise, and Compiler and Editor of Alternative Publishers of Books in North America (the fourth edition was just issued).

Chris Atton is both a researcher in radical and alternative media and an advocate for its increased visibility and recognition in the political and cultural life of our society. He has spoken widely in Europe and North America, and published many papers on this subject. His book, Alternative Literature, published in 1996, has been critically acclaimed in the US and the UK and is considered a key text to understanding the contemporary phenomenon of radical and alternative publishing. He has won numerous awards for his work and last year was presented with the American Library Association's prestigious Eubanks Award 'in recognition of his outstanding achievements in promoting alternative media.' He is currently completing his second book, a sociopolitical examination of the significance of alternative media in new social movements.

Barbara Blair: In putting together this bit of doggerel I was enchanted to find that Stupidity may be subdivided geographically (in case there's not enough to go around?). I am a white haired little old lady librarian, sometimes in tennis shoes, who thinks we should consider Sandy Berman a world class hero right up there with Emma Goldman, Patsy Cline, Genghis Khan and the Dalai Lama (Om Mani Padme Hum). I am not a cataloger even though I sort M&Ms by color.

Karen Eliot is a pseudonymous information professional who doesn't feel like having any more publicity. So there.

Steve Fesenmaier: I was head of West Virginia Library Commission, Film Services for 20 years, 1978-1/99, winning many awards, co-founding the WV Intl. Film Festival, reviewing films for the Appalachian Intelligencer, WV Arts News, and since 1991 for the largest statewide monthly in WV, "Graffiti". NPR did a 10- minute profile of our program on Thanksgiving 1987. I have worked on many films including "Matewan" by John Sayles and Les Blanks' "In Heaven There is No Beer?". I was chairman of the U Film Society in Minneapolis from 1972-78 where I graduated magna cum laude in philosophy of science and received my MA in library science. At the age of 28 I came to WV and made this the "model statewide film program" in the US according to the US Dept. of Education in 1987, the only major national award ever won by WVLC. Since I was transferred to the newly created position of "research librarian", I have done research on key issues like UNIX and WANs, and brought the new statistical package, BIBLIOSTAT CONNECT, to WV's 178 public libraries. (I worked in long range planning at the Univ. of Minnesota 1971-73.)

Jenna Freedman is a student at the University of South Florida. She has known Sandy since she was five years old, and is a better person for it.

As previously noted, Mitch Freedman is the guy who was responsible for bringing Sandy to HCL in the first place. These days, he is the director of the Westchester Library System in New York.

Dorchester Dog Hip is a dishwashing poet and co-editor of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sandy Berman But Were Afraid to Ask (McFarland, 1995).

Earl Lee is Collection Development Librarian at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. He is the author of Libraries in the Age of Mediocrity and a novel, Drakulya.

Alison Lewis is currently managing a project to automate a 250-year-old card catalog. She credits two semesters of cataloging coursework with Doris Clack at Florida State as providing her with the skills needed to keep body and soul together during far too many years of graduate school.

Rory Litwin: Recent library school graduate seeking a reference job in an academic library, publisher of Library Juice, webmaster for Progressive Librarians Guild and Progressive Librarian, Alternatives In Print Task Force busybody, all-around worker bee.

Peter McDonald is the Director of the Geneva Library at Cornell University. He's been a librarian since 1987 and has been active in numerous social and progressive causes both within the profession and without since the Sixties.

Mev Miller has been the Project Coordinator of the Women's Presses Library Project (WPLP) since 1994. Additionally, she works as a book buyer for Amazon Bookstore - the oldest feminist bookstore in North America. Currently, she is coordinating the website -- www.litwomen.org -- which houses the site for WPLP and Women Leading Through Reading, a community literacy program for women which she co-founded. And one more thing, Mev is a candidate for an Ed.D. in Critical Pedagogy at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

A. Ralph Papakhian: Music Librarian/Cataloger. Former President and Treasurer of American Federation of Teachers, Local 2254 (Indiana University -- now defunct). Protestor of U.S. war in Viet Nam and protestor of U.S. bombing of Yugoslavia.

Katia Roberto is a native Illinoisian who has to finish a term paper before officially graduating from library school. She has no hobbies whatsoever.

Suzanne M. Stauffer: Currently a third-year doctoral student in Library and Information Science at UCLA, specializing in information-seeking behavior. Intend to teach library school after graduation. Earned an MLS in 1986 from Brigham Young University. 1987-1989 Adult Services/General Reference/Technical Services (among other positions) Long Beach Public Library, New York. 1989-1996 Judaica/Technical Services Librarian Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, New York.

Jessamyn West is more than she lets on at librarian.net.

Steve Willis: I am the Technical Services/Public Services Librarian at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, Wash. I've been here since 1991. Before that I have worked at Timberland Regional Library, Seattle Public Library, University of Washington, Wash. State Dept. of Transportation Library, Washington State University (where, as a cataloger, I helped start a large academic special collection of underground and Newave comix), The Evergreen State College, and WLN. I have been drawing comix since I can remember. Most folks know me as "the Morty the Dog Guy."

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Art by Steve Willis.

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